Unique Crafts.

Unique jewellery.



Since 1975 we have devoted ourselves exclusively to producing handmade jewellery of the highest quality. Each piece of jewellery is unique and is only made once. Our design adapts to your wishes and is yet recognisable by the superior craftsmanship. No assignment is too difficult, too complicated, too big or too small.

With us, you can get help making a single piece of jewellery or to review your entire jewellery collection. Natasja, Monica and Eduard Gaudy welcome you to visit us at our shop on 3 Strandvägen in Stockholm.

Crafts throughout the generations.



Allow us to present a selection of jewellery made in our studio. If you would like to know more about these or other products, please come to the shop on Strandvägen 3 or contact us by e-mail.



The shop is located on Strandvägen 3 in Stockholm and has been since 1985.

Here you are welcome to look, to delight, to get inspired and seduced by finished jewellery, sketches, prototypes and custom-made products. We will assist you with good advice and show what possibilities exist for new production, remodelling, restoration or repair. There are no irrelevant questions or requests. Please come in and let us realise your dreams.


Monday-Friday from 11:00 to 13:30, 15:00 to 18:00
Saturdays and other times by arrangement.

Make an appointment by calling us on +46 (0)8-661 23 33


Are you thinking about giving away a piece of jewellery? Are you unsure what the recipient might want? Then maybe a gift card would be a good option?

Our gift cards are individually designed according to your wishes and budget – handwritten and coloured. It can then be used as a cooperative project that will unfold into a unique piece of jewellery that the wearer can enjoy for many years.

Delivery time for a gift card may be 1-5 days.

Be inspired. Enchanted. Seduced.



Our workshop is the heart of our business. Six master craftsmen work here to produce the best in jewels and jewellery. New technical solutions are combined with old-fashioned workmanship. All parts are forged, assembled and set from scratch – there is no series production. Each piece of work is a new piece and is made with all our available talent and precision in our modern well-equipped workshop.

If you would like to visit the workshop, we can arrange viewings for smaller groups on demand. Here you can get insight into how much work it takes for a piece of jewellery to take shape, or maybe even try your hand working with a piece of metal.


In our business, we mainly work with precious metals such as platinum, gold, palladium and silver. However, materials like steel and titanium are no strangers to our craft.

We work with many known complementary manufacturing methods such as repoussé, enamelling and engraving, and also new methods, such as Colorit.

As for diamonds, gems and pearls, nothing is too difficult or too unusual. From rare exclusive white and natural coloured diamonds to sapphires, rubies, spinel, garnets and the colour diversity of tourmalines, to Swedish porphyry and polished beach stones – it is only us that defines what is beautiful.

Our partners throughout the world allow us to hand pick or customise the stones and pearls we need.

We have samples of most materials in the shop, so you can allow that diversity to inspire you.

Genuine Crafts and new technology.



The company Gaudy has been expanding since 1975 from the shared dream of two people into an innovative and flourishing company with a total of ten active employees. In the shop you will meet Natasja and her mother, Monica. Father Eduard, an appointed royal jeweller, inspires the work in the studio. There, six highly skilled master gold- and silversmiths work with the handmade production of jewellery. Together we form a strong team that with efficiency and creativity takes care of all aspects of the work.

If you have your own ideas about how your jewellery should look, we will help you realise them. But if you’d rather give us a free hand, then we’ll create something that’s unique and perfect just for you. Please come to the shop and let the diversity of jewellery, gems and pearls inspire you.

We are authorised surveyors of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and perform evaluation ​​for insurance and estate inventory, or in case of loss and damage.

Growing up in the studio left its mark early and a burning love for beautiful gems led Natasja to choose an education as a gemmologist and diamond grader. Since 1992, she has been working actively in the family business and is currently the manager. You’ll meet Natasja in the shop and it’s she who will help you figure out what needs to be done. She is in close contact with the work in the studio in order to ensure that your commissioned jewellery is exactly the way you want it.

Natasja continues the family tradition and, like Eduard and Monica, has a strong belief that professional craftsmanship together with solid know-how and manufacturing expertise, can build a company that can thrive in Sweden. There is a lot of competition from mass-produced jewellery, but there is always a need for beautifully crafted and unique, high quality jewellery.

Eduard originates from the Austrian city of Graz. He is a goldsmith with more than 45 years of experience. With his energetic manner and profound professional skills, Eduard has managed the workshop to become a leading manufacturer of handmade jewellery in Sweden. In 1997 Eduard received a Royal warrant of appointment by HMK Carl XVI Gustaf, making him a Royal Jeweller.

Monica is a trained gemmologist and diamond grader with studies in both Germany and England. With her thorough knowledge and her assured style, she has effectively complemented Eduard. Together they have been able to offer customers the breadth of craftsmanship required to create unique high-quality jewellery. In 1998, Monica was appointed an authorised surveyor of Swedish Chamber of Commerce for jewellery, precious stones and diamonds.